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February 2015 WRAS Approval

New Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approval number 1502062 ...more

London Ritz hotel installs Nova-Flo®


Nova-Flo® listed as PHPI 'Top Product'


Daphne Guinness sued over 'constantly overflowing bath'


Basins can now be protected from flooding.


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Nova-Flo® is a magnetically operated (non electrical) device which senses the water level in a bath or basin and shuts off the taps automatically to prevent flooding and water and energy wastage. Nova-Flo® requires no change in user behavior.

"Installing these is an insurance policy. It's not uncommon for a guest to leave the bath running and perhaps take a phone call or watch TV, only to find there is water all over the floor." Ray Pask, Chief Engineer at London's Dorchester Hotel. *Evening Standard 23/03/09


  • Simple - Intuitive user reset
  • Reliable - Fit & forget
  • Invisible - Entirely hidden
  • Safe - No electricity or batteries used
  • Easy to install - Push-in plumbing fittings
  • Green Payback - Saves money by preventing water and energy wastage

One 250 room hotel reported that with just half of the hotel (so far) protected with Nova-Flo®, bath flooding occurrences have dropped by two thirds because none of the rooms where Nova-Flo® is installed has been flooded.
the hotel concerned found that payback on their investment was under one year with significant savings thereafter.

Each year a vast number of properties suffer flooding from taps left on either because they have been forgotten or misjudged. Some overseas hotel guests may be used to a 'wet room' style bathroom with a drain in the centre and be accustomed to allowing baths to overflow.
Landlords may wish to protect their properties from forgetful tenants, or even disgruntled tenants who may leave taps running with the intention to flood.

Many people are affected by various causes of dementia which can lead them to become forgetful, whereby Nova-Flo® will eliminate the recognised problem of bath and basin floods and in some cases enable people to maintain their independence and stay in their own home for longer.

Nova-Flo® is designed to be easy to fit and can be installed behind virtually any bath and basins with seperate overflows. Its slim and compact design together with John Guest Speedfit plumbing connections means that any competent plumber can usually fit a Nova-Flo® unit in under an hour.

Nova-Flo® review