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February 2015 WRAS Approval

New Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approval number 1502062 ...more

London Ritz hotel installs Nova-Flo®


Nova-Flo® listed as PHPI 'Top Product'


Daphne Guinness sued over 'constantly overflowing bath'


Basins can now be protected from flooding.


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Maintenance and Servicing

It is recommended that a bi-annual check is carried out to confirm correct functioning of the unit. If foreign matter is obstructing the movement of the float in the central chamber then cleaning will be required but access to the chamber is very simple. In most cases maintenance can be performed without needing to remove the unit from the bath.

Should the Nova-Flo® show delayed resetting, in the first instance perform the following:

The lower barb connector disengages with the Nova-Flo® body by turning the small white tab anti-clockwise by 45 degrees (See image below). Once off, any blockage will simply fall out.

It is recommended that a cotton bud is used to clear any other detritus from the opening where the lower barb connector fits.

Once any dirt has been cleared the central chamber will drain properly again.

Reattach the barb connector whilst ensuring that the connecting o-ring is located in the o-ring groove.

Removal of lower barb connector

Should the unit require cleaning, the entire float chamber can be accessed by removing the float chamber cap as shown in the image below. In most cases this can be performed without needing to remove the unit from the bath.

This is performed by unscrewing the five stainless steel Pozidriv screws.

Care must be taken to ensure all the components are re-assembled in the order shown. Please take particular attention to the Correct Float Orientation illustrated below.

Cleaning the float chamber

Correct Float orientation

Click here for printable servicing instructions PDF.