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Flooding Experience Stories

03/01/2015 - George

Just this morning I woke up and because the downstairs shower was out I order I decided to use the brand new bath which had been fitted for less than a week. I started to run the bath and went I to do an slotted 2 hour revision session for my upcoming exams. Unfortunately this completely took my mind off the bath and I later went downstairs to the kitchen to get something to eat to find the island completely drenched and the floor around it also in huge puddles. The water was pouring in through the lights above the centre island so I ran upstairs and found the bath water 'waterfalling?' From the side of the bath and collecting in a huge lake in the bathroom. We tidied up the kitchen later on and managed to dry most of the water. Luckily no serious damage was caused however long term structural damage is inevitable. The water had managed to spread through the wooden boards to 3 rooms across the house. We have dehumidifiers and fans and air flow through the house and the carpet and underlay is outside drying. It is truly amazing the damage that one small mind wandering can actually cause. Life long lesson learned :/

01/09/2010 - Mr. G. Taylor

I live in a top floor apartment in Aberdeen and have recently encountered flooding in my flat due to an overrunning bath. The bath overflow did not prevent the bath from overflowing.

I calculated that I had spilled around 200 litres of water onto the bathroom floor. The water had reached the two levels below us within 40 minutes. This was by far the worst weekend of my life and we are left with the feeling of deep regret and guilt that we have severely inconvenienced our flat mates below us.

After investigating the build regulations and after consulting the Chartered Institute of Plumbers, it has come to my attention that there are no specific requirements in any Build Standard/Guidelines for the bath overflows to prevent the bath from overflowing. The Nova Flo anti-shut off system seems like a device that should be compulsory for any new build homes/flats. It could save the homeowner the level of distress that me and my partner have had to endure over the last week. If your bath overflow can't cope with your inlet water flow into your bath, I would without doubt get some form of failsafe shut off system fitted to your bath taps.

19/08/2010 - Ms. T. Stacey

My daughter flooded our bathroom last year having been distracted by the television when running a bath.

The bath couldn't have over-flowed for more than a couple of minutes but still caused a lot of damage.

I have had to buy new carpet and underlay for the landing and pay for part of my kitchen ceiling to be replaced.

All very expensive and couldn't have been at a worse time for me!

05/08/2010 - Mr. P Lyon

I had been cleaning the bathroom and while doing the job had left the basin taps running with the plug out. I was distracted by my baby boy playing in the living room below so I went downstairs and joined him for a short while when I noticed some steadily increasing drips coming through the ceiling light.

I grabbed my son and ran upstairs to find the cloth in the basin had blocked the drain causing the water to pour over the top and go through the wooden floor. Just then there was a huge crash downstairs which we discovered to be the old lath and plaster ceiling falling in with the weight of the water.

Although the clean up and repairs were a huge inconvenience I am just pleased that I had taken my son upstairs at the time since the ceiling had fallen right where he had been playing. I would hate to imagine the consequences otherwise.

30/11/2009 - Mr. Logan

I bath every night for movement relief due to arthritis in the base of my spine.

In our new property, the water system runs at a constant pressure, irrespective of how many taps are in operation, unlike the previous property where we had a combi boiler, which took up to fifteen minutes to fill the bath.

In the first week of settling in I chose to run a bath as normal after a long hard day at work. I ran the bath, lay on the bed and fell asleep. I woke some 45 minutes later to flooding of all floors upstairs and the complete upper landing (except for two of the four upstairs bedrooms). Going downstairs I found our lower landing, lounge and dining room also extremely wet with water cascading through the lounge and dining room ceilings. (Click here to see the photos)

All carpets, except the two unaffected bedrooms had to be lifted, removed and replaced. Both lounge and dining room ceilings had to be replaced, the new three piece suite was water damaged and needed replacement too. The dining table was forwarded to the French polisher for possible salvage.

We had industrial de-humidifiers and driers on site for a complete week, drying the property until such time as the salvage work could be started. The total cost of repairs was £13,700, of which we had to pay a considerable excess.

I am pleased to say that we are now back to normal, after many months of disruption.

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