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February 2015 WRAS Approval

New Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approval number 1502062 ...more

London Ritz hotel installs Nova-Flo®


Nova-Flo® listed as PHPI 'Top Product'


Daphne Guinness sued over 'constantly overflowing bath'


Basins can now be protected from flooding.


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Green Payback

Because Nova-Flo® works for you, the moment it is fitted you will immediately enjoy protection from the high-costs associated with a bath flood.

The costs and environmental impact of a flood are direct and consequential.


Bath taps can dispense up to 80 litres per minute! So, if your bath does flood, this is how much carbon you contribute to the atmosphere within an hour.

10 minutes 380g*
20 minutes 760g*
40 minutes 1520g*
60 minutes 2280g*


Water damaged ceiling

Typically, water damage will cause many thousands of pounds worth of damage to your property:

  • New ceiling
  • New carpets
  • New furniture
  • New electrical equipment - tv/computer/stereo
  • Re-wiring
  • Re-plastering
  • Re-painting

And the list goes on!

Replacement of each of these does of course depend on the severity of the flood.

All of these consequences of a flood have an environmental footprint. This potential carbon wastage will all be entirely eliminated when you fit Nova-Flo®.

1 litre of water heated from 16 degrees centigrade to 60 degrees centigrade (boiler temperature) uses 184 kJ of energy per minute.
Flow rate for bath at 'X' hotel = 80 litres per minute
40 litres of which is hot water.
Therefore 7,360kJ/m = 2kwh/m
1kwh=19g of carbon (Source:- Part L of the Building Regulations 2006)
Grammes of carbon per minute at 40 litres per minute = 38g/m