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February 2015 WRAS Approval

New Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approval number 1502062 ...more

London Ritz hotel installs Nova-Flo®


Nova-Flo® listed as PHPI 'Top Product'


Daphne Guinness sued over 'constantly overflowing bath'


Basins can now be protected from flooding.


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Rigorous Testing

Nova-Flo® passes the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) certification with acceptance number 0812083.

Accelerated Life Testing has been conducted by a leading UK testing laboratory. Water was run through a sample of Nova-Flo® valves switching between hot and cold water every ten minutes for 5000 cycles. Additionally the valves were pressurized to 10bar constantly throughout the test.
This is a very good indicator that no possible leaking will occur over time even with these very high parameters.

Nova-Flo® Trac-Cape Test rig

Ongoing Quality Control

Every single Nova-Flo® unit that leaves our UK manufacturer has been put through its paces prior to leaving the factory.

We have invested in a custom made testing rig which tests for leaks under high pressure and for correct valve actuation. Each individual valve is tested to ensure every Nova-Flo unit will work impeccably before reaching you.

Nova-Flo® Nolek Test rig

Second to none materials

Nova-Flo® valves are produced from exceptionally durable engineering composites. The polymer chosen for the valves is extensively used in the production of water meters and is virtually as strong as aluminium. This results in a final product which requires no maintenance in normal use and is intended to outlast the lifetime of an average bath.